When we decided to organize our trip to Europe, the most difficult for us was to get to the non- “standard” historical places. We wanted to see everything from the other side but not like conventional tourists do.

Austria was one of countries we wanted to visit in the first place. Thanks to Oksana, we managed to see sporting Austria (attending the marathon in Salzburg where Oksana participated as well); Alps in spring (going up to 1776m height were the snow was still there); Austrian winery workshops (we visited the places where people grow grapes and make a delicious wine). Our trip was enriched with historical tours, arts, traditional Austrian cuisine. And all of this was very interesting, exciting and extraordinary.

We recommend “Friends in Vienna” very much!

Voskoboev family
Barnaul, Russia

Гостья Друзей в Вене Лариса Воскобоева у собора Святого Cтефана

Larisa Voskoboeva next to St.Stephen’s Cathedral

В Зальцбурге

Voskoboev family in Salzburg

Друзья в Вене с гостями у Старого Дуная

Visiting the Old Danube

В типичном австрийском ресторане

In typical Austrian restaurant. Our guests taste local bier and white wine