We are native Viennese. Therefore, I should admit that we were very excited about the tour to historical sites in Vienna guided by Oksana Polianskaja. We found many interesting things in our native the city.

We have being interested in arts, history and culture for a long time. However, Oksana’s knowledge in these areas is astonishing and we were inspired by her to study  the history of our hometown more deeply. Therefore, my wife and I have already asked Oksana for the next tour around historical places of Vienna.

Thanks to Oksana, my wife and I discovered a lot of new details about Mary and Joseph Betrothal fountain (Vermaehlungsbrunnen) on Hoher Markt Square. However, there is still a lot more we are keen to explore.

With a great pleasure we recommend tours from Friends in Vienna to everyone who is interested in the history and culture of Vienna and Austria.

Greta und Herbert Idinger
Vienna, Austria

В начале дистанции: Райхсбрюке

Begining of the tour on the Albertina Square

By wedding fountain at the Hohen Markt

Near the Mary and Joseph Betrothal Fountain (Vermaehlungsbrunnen) on Hoher Markt Square

Финиш около Бургтеатра

Near the old building of Vienna University

On the old streets of Vienna

Strolling old viennese streets

The group excited about the tour on Graben

Group enjoying the tour on Graben

Next to the oldest church in Vienna: Ruprechtskirche

Next to the eldest church in Vienna -Rupprechtskirche

Финиш около Бургтеатра


The Viennese go with Friends in Vienna to the Christmas market!

The Viennese and Friends in Vienna on Christmas market