My wife and I want to heartily endorse Friends In Vienna!

We were in town recently for VCM 2014, my wife’s first marathon, a bit nervous and uncertain, but got fantastic personal help and guidance from them- they not only helped with hotel and transportation options, but walked us through the registration process and setting up for the race- effortlessly working with us in three languages (Russian, German, and English).

In addition, they helped us find great restaurants where we asked for traditional, out-of-the-way places not common for tourists.

They are a pleasure to be with and made our stay easy and fun. We will not hesitate to call on them again for our next visit to Vienna!

Peter & Zina Tauvers
Kiev, Ukraine

К Венскому марафону готовы

Ready for Vienna City Marathon. Oksana Polianskaja and Zina Tauvers at Marathon Expo in Vienna

После финиша в Венском марафоне

After the finish of the Vienna City Marathon. Oksana Polianskaja and Zina Tauvers with medals

Оксана Полянская и Зина Тауверс

Oksana Polianskaja and Zina Tauvers

Оксана Полянская с Зиной и Питером Тауверс

Oksana Polianskaja, Zina and Peter Tauvers