Hidden amongst trees  Otto Wagner’s church “Am Steinhof” perches majestically on the slopes of the Galitzen hills over Vienna.

The church is dedicated to St. Leopold, the patron saint of Vienna and Lower Austria. It is the largest sacred architectural work of art nouveau and was built in 1907, with the at that time most modern psychiatric hospital in Europe.

The brilliant architect Otto Wagner left his imprint on Vienna and with his constructions of the city railway, the post office savings bank and various art nouveau villas and houses, it is not possible to imagine the city without him.

Nevertheless at that time, the church for the purpose of the psychiatric clinic was built a little outside the city rather than in the centre.

Церковь Отто Вагнера в Вене

Otto Wagner Church

Купол церкви Отто Вагнера в Вене

Dome of Otto Wagner church in Vienna

Орнамент церкви Отто Вагнера в Вене

Ornament of Otto Wagner Church in Vienna