Before the Christkind comes Vienna starts in the Advent season with 19 Christmas markets and almost 1000 stands. The most beautiful markets are in the historical old town in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral or in front of Belvedere Palace or Schönbrunn Palace. Drinks, punch and mulled wine, food and Christmas decorations are served.

Handicrafts are offered in front of the Karlskirche. Entertainment for children and adults are located at the largest Christmas market at the Town Hall Square, this season with merry-go-round and ice rink.

Рождественская елка перед Собором Святого Штефана

Christmas tree in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Рождественский рынок перед городской Ратушей

Christmas-Market at the Town-Hall place

Типичный киоск на Венском Рождественском рынке

Typical stand at Viennese Christmas Market

Праздничное освещение венских улиц

Festive lighting of the Viennese streets